nTara Consulting - Careers

nTara Consulting is an equal opportunity company. We have the following job requirements at our office and client locations.

  • Software Architects
  • Systems Administrators
  • Networking Engineers
  • Web Administrators
  • SAP Consultants
  • Oracle Certified Engineers
  • Microsoft Specialists
  • Support Staff

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Ntara Consultancy Industries

nTara Consulting’ industry specific IT solutions provide a competitive advantage, faster time to market and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).


The global communication industry confronts the challenges of driving operational efficiency, reining in costs, exploiting new business challenges and revenues from new services or products. nTara Consulting helps the communications industry in three areas,

  • Business transformation
  • Accelerating innovation
  • Operational efficiency


Energy sector confronts two major challenges, meet the rising global demand and address environmental concerns. nTara addresses two distinct areas crucial to the working of the energy companies; integrating assets and optimizing portfolios to make decision making easy and simple; extract value from data by data quality control, data governance structure and corporate data repository.


nTara Consulting’s IT solutions to the financial sector aim at creating measurable business value. We address some of the daunting challenges the financial sector confronts today.

  • Multi channel convergence
  • Mobility based transactions
  • Innovative pricing
  • Customer centricity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Portfolio rationalization
  • Cross-sell challenges
  • Drive down costs with consolidation
  • Simplification of payments infrastructure


Government and public sector face challenges of complex mission requirements, expectations of people on quality service delivery, rapid technology adoption, and budgetary pressures. nTara Consulting helps government agencies to transform, innovate and optimize to achieve better quality of service and operational efficiency.


Healthcare industry confronts the challenges of affordability, prevention and patient-centric services. nTara Consulting helps the healthcare industry to harness on new technologies, leverage on solutions and strategies that accelerate transition, reduce risk, cost and effort. Our business value is in addressing the issue of better healthcare delivery through patient data analytics, evidence based medication and paperless transactions.

Information Technology

We take a holistic approach to IT when it comes to IT services, solutions, staffing and support. We establish the inter-linkages between the different facets of IT, to offer a comprehensive IT service portfolio to our clients.

IT Services: Application Services, Infrastructure Services, Cloud Computing, Migration Services, Enterprise Applications, Web Applications, Project Governance and Support Services.

IT Staffing and Recruitment

IT Training: Classroom based, ELearning based, and Corporate Training

Industry-specific IT solutions