nTara Consulting - IT Recruitment

nTara Consulting' IT recruitment strategy aims to source the best talent which makes a real difference for business. We offer a flexible recruitment process that brings together the benefits of IT contracting and specialist contracting. If IT contracting is all about making the workforce readily available for large projects, specialist contracting aims to meet the specialized requirements for a definite period or phase of the project.

Our recruitment process offers businesses a wealth of experience and talent, with no commitment of a permanent position. nTara Consulting's recruitment process is more than just short-listing resumes. We help you to access people with the passion to excel. Our recruitment is process based and personalized. nTara Consulting's recruitment services cover entry level, middle level and senior level positions. We make use of extensive intelligence and psychometric assessments.

Requirement – Short-listing – Selection – Documentation – Skill up-grade – Despatch of candidates for onsite work.

The rationale of our recruitment services is to present only those candidates who match client's job requirements.


nTara Consulting is committed to bringing the right people to the right projects, irrespective of the turnover of the business or expanse of its operations. By availing our staffing and recruitment services, you gain by

  • Cost effective: By availing the ready resources that were pre-screened and pre-qualified by nTara Consulting you can avoid huge costs involved in hiring the wrong set of people. Added, the quick recall of resources and replacement due to non-performance gives the clients an assurance of work process and have only quality resources.
  • Save time: nTara Consulting has ready resumes of people with diverse IT experience. Before we forward a resume to you, we conduct personal / on-phone interview, and do extensive background checks. The shortlisted are sent to you for scrutiny. This saves your time, otherwise would have spent on short-listing and verifying each candidate's suitability for the job.
  • Flexibility: When it comes to temporary staffing, it is definitely our intervention that offers the needful flexibility. We help you to adjust your work force to meet your project and business expectations.

nTara Consulting helps the IT industry to connect with the right talent. We play a vital role in job search strategy; provide skilled candidates to match the requirement of the IT industry, local and global.


At nTara Consulting we understand that without a sound knowledge of software projects, upgrades and implementations there cannot be value generation for our clients due to our staffing and recruitment services. We have gone through the rigors of sourcing people and the challenges that each IT project brings in terms of technology, people and process.

Our IT services run parallel to our staffing and recruitment services. Each IT services generates phenomenal value to our clients, and offers takeaways for us in terms of technology challenges and people management.

Application Services

nTara Consulting offers full-range of application services that include custom application development, testing and maintenance. This we do through package deployment, upgrades and consulting.

nTara Consulting helps businesses by integrating latest business applications with the client server and legacy systems. Our portfolio of custom application development includes,

  • Application design, development and implementation
  • Systems integration and consolidation
  • Re-engineering, performance tuning and porting services
  • Implementation of packages
  • Feasibility and requirement analysis

Infrastructure Services

nTara Consulting delivers end-to-end and affordable IT infrastructure services. Our IT infrastructure services helps you to improve revenue, customer services and cost management, enhance business performance, improve margins, align technology with business priorities, improve service speed and long-term success.

Our IT infrastructure services include,

  • IT Service Desk
  • Data Centre Management Services
  • End-user Computing Services
  • Application Management Services
  • Converged Network Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Enterprise System Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Transformation Solutions

Our infrastructure management services present two striking differentiators.

  • Transparent infrastructure solutions that reduce your total cost of operations (TCO)
  • Continual improvement and innovation frameworks that leverage on service improvement plans and Lean Six Sigma.

Cloud Computing

At nTara Consulting we understand that, to leverage on cloud infrastructure, there needs to be the transformation of the human resource skill sets, processes and technologies. We address these by a robust cloud computing strategy. We offer end-to-end cloud computing services that deliver reduced costs, enhanced agility, quick service delivery and improved scalability.

Our tailored approach to cloud computing aims to

  • Provide the best cloud computing platform that suits your business goals
  • Choose the cloud strategy on the basis of work lead and cost benefit
  • Define the migration strategy
  • Identify your security issues
  • Provide end-to-end agnostic consulting

Migration Services

Learning behind legacy and migrating to newer technologies has never been easy. nTara Consulting helps business to scale up their business applications by adopting newer technologies and strategic platforms. By adopting our migration services you can mail the following benefits,

  • Avoid risks of dependency on out-dated legacy technology
  • Overcome shortage of resources chronic to legacy systems
  • Enhanced system readiness for future modernization
  • Enhanced user experience and keeping the functionality intact
  • Achieve agility

We understand that each migration strategy to achieve a perfectly planned transition, should leverage on the best of consulting services, frameworks and processes.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise application software has come a long way, starting from the initial objective to facilitate processes on large organizations (payment processing, automated billing, scrutiny, enterprise, content management, IT service management, CRM, ERP, BI, human resource management, enterprise application integration etc) which was pre-dominantly on-premise (Internal Corporate network) to hosted service (via Internet on Cloud).

nTara Consulting leverages on the enterprise software of third party application service providers (ASPs) to design and develop enterprise applications. We will do so on three levels,

  • On premise (internal corporate network)
  • Hosted (via Internet or Cloud)
  • Hybrid (On premise and hosted)

Our experience tells us that cloud computing is more advantageous than the on-premise enterprise application deployment; on-demand services, always-on network access and application portability.


nTara Consulting presents range and depth of expertise in developing solutions and integrating them with Oracle's technology portfolio. By leveraging on Oracle's specializations we help in integrating, synchronizing and connecting enterprise solutions that meet current business and IT demands.

nTara Consulting' Oracle practice aims to bring the benefits of E-Business Suite to global businesses. Oracle EBiz is fully integrated, comprehensive suite of global applications that enables organizations to make better business decisions, reduce costs and improve performance. We have leveraged on the different EBiz modules to manage all complexities of the global business environment.


nTara Consulting' SAP expertise dates back to 2007. We have been leveraging on SAP to further integrated and cross-functional business processes. By putting the right SAP consultants on clients' projects, we could achieve

  • Alignment of strategies and operations
  • Improve productivity and insight
  • Reduce costs through increased flexibility
  • Support changing industry requirements
  • Reduce risks
  • Improve financial management and corporate governance
  • Optimize IT spending
  • Gain higher ROI
  • Retain top performers by defined career and development plans
  • Provide immediate access to enterprise information

nTara Consulting's focus is on all the 3 modules. Financials: Automates financial and management accounting and financial supply chain management. Human Capital Management: Automates talent management, core HR processes and workforce deployment. Operations: Automates entire manufacturing process and reduces costs by controlling and adopting the manufacturing process in real-time.


nTara Consulting's preference for MS Dynamics is based on the ERP's easy operations and high integration capabilities with MS CRM modules (that works inside Microsoft Outlook). Major tasks relating to sales, marketing and customer services are accomplished as easily as processing as Email.

MS Dynamics' role tailored approach to software helps us to achieve individualized work preferences and styles. With the dual benefit of on-premise and cloud, MS Dynamics helps our software architects to offer the best and custom ERP design and upgrade to our clients. MS Dynamics' cloud based solution (either MS hosted or partner hosted) reduces your IT footprint, means less time spent on maintaining infrastructure, and more time on your core projects.

Web Applications

nTara Consulting helps clients to leverage on web based applications. Our preference for developing web based applications is based on the advantages it offers.

  • Cross platform compatibility (Browsers: IE, Chrome, and Firefox. Operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • High manageability (maintaining and updating)
  • High deploy-ability (limited bandwidth etc)
  • Secure live data
  • Reduce costs due to lower maintenance and support costs

Our experience or developing web based applications has proved that businesses that can leverage on web technologies can consolidate and streamline their systems and processes and reduce their IT costs.

Project Governance

nTara Consulting ensures that a project is executed according to the standards of the organization performing the project. Though established project governance practices we keep project activities above board and ethical, and create accountability.

Our project governance structure includes,

  • Setting project priorities
  • Objectives to pursue
  • Matching with organization's expectations

nTara Consulting ensures effective project governance to deliver the desired value. We set the terms of reference, operating framework planning and executions so that the project delivers benefits.

Support Services

nTara Consulting provides authorized and cost-effective IT support services to global businesses. Our IT support services help small and medium enterprises to focus on their core business and worry less about IT.

Features of our support services:

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support with 30 minute response time
  • Onsite response anywhere in India
  • Server monitoring
  • Problem resolution
  • Application monitoring
  • Network management
  • Remote connectivity
  • Total IT security
  • Mobile device management
  • Automated security patch deployment
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Inventory tracking and reporting
  • New technology guidance and consulting